Cinnamon Citadel Hotel in Kandy

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When you visit Kandy in Sri Lanka, we can recommend staying at the Cinnamon Citadel Hotel. Golf Tours Abroad’s Sri Lanka Scenic & Sri Lanka Intro golf packages include this hotel.

Hotel Name: Cinnamon Citadel
Hotel Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka – 116km from Colombo
Hotel Address: 124 Srimath Kuda Ratwatte Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Hotel Rating: 4 Stars
Hotel Rooms: 119
WiFi Internet: Yes – complimentary in-room & Lobby
Payment Types: US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro Dollars,
Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express & Union Pay
Spa Facilities: No

Fancy waking up to a picture-postcard view of a river, set against a backdrop of mountains shrouded in varying degrees of mist? That’s exactly what you can expect and more, at the Cinnamon Citadel Kandy. Nestled high up in the hillside country, beside a quiet bend in the Mahaweli River, the iconic four-star hotel caters to those looking for quiet relaxation not far from Kandy, Sri Lanka’s bustling hill capital and the last domain of the Sinhala kings.

Three and a half hours away from the airport and just 15 minutes away from the Kandy town, the hotel is located in the very heart of serenity. It’s a constantly recurring theme that embraces you at the reception, waits with you in the lobby, walks you through the hallways and stays with you in your room until you check out. And while all tranquillity is clearly reflected in the contemporarily stylish interiors of the hotel, there are plenty of subtle reminders in the form of vibrant tones of red and traditional Kandyan art, reminding you that you’re still very much in the majestic realm of the ancient kings.

We thoroughly enjoy staying at the Cinnamon Citadel Hotel as it’s a hidden jewel in Sri Lanka’s countryside that will leave you with lasting memories. We especially loved the warm and friendly staff and their high standard of service. The Sri Lankan charm & hospitality abounds at this hotel and you won’t forget the heartfelt smiles, each & every time. The food selection was a delight and the flavours were rich and expansive. We’ll stake our reputation on saying that the food at the Cinnamon Citadel Kandy would please any palate. The rooms are spacious and very comfortable. Despite not having a Spa & Treatment facility, we enjoyed the pool and relaxing around the terrace areas over a drink.

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Cinnamon Citadel Hotel features in our Sri Lanka Scenic and our Sri Lanka Intro golf holiday packages.

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