COVID-19 Update

Golf Tours Abroad is working collaboratively with International Tourism associations as our wonderful industry returns to normal. Government Health Authorities across the globe manage COVID-19 related policies and we urge every traveller to remain up to date and familiar with each country’s entry provisions. We anticipate this transition will bring some instability in the frequency of flights, cost of airfares and accommodation. This instability may also translate into delays in quotations as staffing levels in hospitality have been impacted. Not withstanding global economic circumstances, we expect in time we’ll see a gradual return of consistent pricing and availability. As further information becomes available, we’ll update this info blog to keep you in the loop. Currently there are strict entry measures in place that may prohibit some travellers from entering some countries. As this is a fast moving and ever-changing situation, we encourage you to monitor each destination’s COVID-related quarantine & travel policies and compare them with your own country’s announcement’s to gain a thorough understanding. Prior to any travel you may contemplate, we encourage you to investigate and secure appropriate travel insurance and scrutinise health & hygiene procedures of hotels & resorts you are considering. This has been an incredible crisis that has impacted the well being of many people and the livelihoods of so many businesses.

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